Problems viewing site?

I’m unable to see his site on I.E. anymore (all updates, etc.). I can see it in Chrome, but if I try to access the site in I.E., the little circle just spins and spins. Can’t do much at work, since I can’t download software there. Just an FYI.

What’s your version of I.E.?

Whoops. I’m back. It’s IE11. I kept forgetting to check at work. I also can’t see many Buzzfeed posts or take quizzes, so I have no idea which Kardashian I am based on my Chipotle order.

My IE at work doesn’t have spinning circle, but too gives me the note that my IE is too old. Its on a Windows 10 machine. So that makes no sense.

But, if you are on a newer Windows, it comes with a newer browser called Microsoft Edge. Give that a try. It works for me.