Problem with creating new account

(system) #1

OK- the email server is not properly configured. so you probably are not getting your activation email. I will post when this gets fixed, hopefully in a few minutes.

(system) #2

if you aren’t getting ur activation email, i will be activating accounts manually as they come in.

(ken) #3

I got my activation email, no problem.

(system) #4

i think its fixed now


I think it takes about 10 mins to get the activation email.


I think some folks are not getting their activation email even after like an hour. let me look into it. send me a email if you aren’t getting yours


got the activation email. thanks!

not sure if you had to manually do that after i pinged you or if it just worked it’s way through the system.


fixed again. the joy of pretending to be an IT admin!

(Karen Mezzetta) #9

Never got an activation code but am trying to post & see what happens :slight_smile:


I manually activated many folks who registered earlier. At some point I misconfigured the email setting so the activation code either never went out or went out after the accounts were already manually activated.

(Brian Bulkowski) #11

Activation worked for me now. Failed early on, I think I was during the misconfig time.


My activation email went to my spam folder, but I was still able to get to it. It came in about a second after signing up.


A perhaps related bug— the site member list only lists 26 people, and that doesn’t included myself and some folks in this thread.


I notice that also. Perhaps there is a lag in the list getting updated. I will keep an eye on this and see if the problem persists. Thanks for flagging!


It could easily be me, but I was sure I’d registered the other day and even changed to my own avatar photo. Today I went to log in and couldn’t. I tried changing my password but never got the email to do that after 2 attempts, so I finally created a new account with what I think was the same ID and password I used the first time. I could be hallucinating from all the mind-bending things at the old homestead though.

(John Hartley) #16

Had an email from a friend who posted on CH as “zuriga” (that was about 12.30 UK time). She tells me she’s not yet had the activation email.


thanks- I emailed her. she later got it when i resent.

(John Hartley) #18