Private room for 90th birthday LUNCH, Denville NJ

Hoping some of you NNJ HOs can offer ideas… my best friend’s dad is turning 90 in March and they’ve set a date but need a place with a private room for (best guess) 20-30 people. It has to be lunch, and it has to be in or right near (downtown) Denville, as we’re dealing with older folks who don’t like long car rides.

I’ve already reached out to the Pasta Shop re: private space, but am wondering where else we might consider. I’m also thinking Grato (technically in Morris Plains, but close enough) might fit the bill.

Food can’t be ethnic or spicy (again, older folks rule the day here); Italian is generally their go-to when eating out. Thanks in advance for any/all ideas!

I don’t know NNJ very well, but I think that Scalini Fedeli in Chatham is not too far away.

Thanks. I know it well but unfortunately that’s too far for this crew…