Princess Seafood - Noyo Harbor, Ft. Bragg

Thanksgiving was a lovely weekend on the coast, and we had 2 occasions for one of my favorite lunches, almost anyplace.

Princess Seafood is the restaurant offshoot of a women-owned and operated fishing boat. The seafood counter is down near the front of the harbor. It used to also be the restaurant but they got to take over a bar space at the mouth to give them more room.

The menu is fresh fish, grilled in plate or taco form, and fresh crab. They DO NOT HAVE A DEEP FRYER. They are emphatic about this point. No fish and chips. No fries. No hush puppies.


Half dozen oysters with a nice light mignonette. Crab roll with kettle chips.

The crab roll is a French roll grilled with some garlic butter and piled with at least a quarter lb of fresh crab with the lightest touch of mayo and a couple slices of tomato.

The cup is a small crab/lobster bisque and is toasty and ocean-y and absolutely delicious.

The beer belongs to the partner, Boont Amber Ale from Anderson Valley Brewing in Boonville.

The scenery ain’t too shabby either.

Should you find yourself out on the Mendocino coast, this place is worth going out of your way for. All the thumbs, legs, claws and shells way way up.


Great find and awesome location I hope to visit and enjoy some day. Looks like some seal gonna pop up like a dog under a picnic table and hoss down your lunch if not careful !