Prime rib in Houston

Since the demise of The Stables, best value and flavor and strong drinks, and the Mason Jar a solid offering, I’ve been craving a prime rib that doesn’t break the bank, see Laurenzo’s. Enter Salt Grass I-10 and Campbell.

Armed with a gift card from work we decided on Saturday afternoon. A call ahead confirmed availability and lack of a waiting list Mother’s Day eve.

The Salt Grass experience. I ordered the 20 ounce rare/medium rare, no problem. Entrée time, we hadn’t even finished the apps, waiter Kam, a good server, says all they have is medium and up, nooo!

He suggests a ribeye which I’ve had before and was not impressed. They presented me with a big medium hunk which looked good. I go for it and it was delicious. Plenty of au jus kept it well, juicy. I say the redder the better but I was satisfied.

The Wifecita had a double pork chop grilled medium and it was delicious. She also had a baked potato soup suggested by her work wife which was just as good

Overall a good experience. The only negatives the mains arrived too quickly and the sales pitch on the Landry’s value cards, two visits by the waiter and one by a manager.

I’m sure Laurenzo’s has better cow but at ~50/16 oz. v ~30/20 oz. I’ll stay with Salt Grass unless someone wants to treat.

Anybody have any other ideas?

Mr. Ostiones - now you makin’ my mouth water.

I’ve been to a steak house once in the last ten years and I didn’t order steak. Before that, maybe it’d been 20 years. Steak is just one of those foods I’ve decided I’ve had enough of and I want to try something different.

But prime rib. That is something different.

We used to go to the Stables for steaks and I don’t remember what else but for prime rib and king crab, we went to the Courtyard, both owned by Steakhouse Associates that also owned Bud Bigelow’s and Bordman’s. Tuesday was giant margaritas as I recall and the place would be packed. There was a Courtyard right there on I-10 right about where that Saltgrass is, if that’s the one you went to. It was all on the company dollar. I could put both the Stables and Courtyard on the list of restaurants I miss. I also miss being able to eat like that on the company dollar!

Sorry I can’t be much help in your quest. I’m sure D. Wah and L. Owner will have some suggestions. And I will be interested to see what they recommend because, as I say, you’ve made my mouth water.

I have wanted to get a group together to go for the Tapa de Lomo, the specially trimmed ribeye cap for 6 ($190 last time I saw a price quoted) at Saltillo, the Mexican steakhouse I went to just after it opened a year and a half ago.

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As it happens Mr. Owner loves prime rib and I like it as a vehicle for horsey sauce. We haven’t had the best of luck getting it as rare as we like at Taste of Texas. It’s often offered at the Longhorn chain (one I-10 @ Blalock) and that is a good value. Check to see if it’s available.

I’ve been known to make it on Christmas Day. My go to horsey sauce is this one:

Horseradish Sauce


Christmas, I’m off that day count us in. The Wifeacita doesn’t have to come if there is no room. We don’t want to be a burden so she can fend for herself if necessary.


:joy: Poor wifea!

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Well you did offer to cook us all prime rib with special “horsey sauce”.

At that point, it’s every ostione for himself!