Prime 13 Point Pleasant

(Jim) #1

Has anyone eaten at this place, how is it?


No but I’ll definitely be trying this place. I love the fact that they cook the steaks over oak. I will have to dust off the tomahawk. There isn’t much better than a giant ribeye on wood.

Ps…I’ve been wanting a place to make cheesesteak eggrolls for years around here. I came across the idea when eating the eggrolls at christines in Atlantic highlands. Obviously it has been done before but it popped into my head when chowing down on those delicious sausage eggrolls.

(Jim) #3

Me too. My wife bought something through Groupon, so we will definitely try it, just do not know when. The menu looks great.


How long have they been open? The fact that they are on Groupon is a little concerning. Maybe since the summer is over they want to drum up some incremental business.

(Jim) #5

I agree. There is a post asking about the place on CH that dates to about 3 years ago, I asked about it a week or two ago on CH and got no response. So I thought I would raise the place over here, where there seems to be more activity. I will post my comments when we do visit the place.

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Their Facebook page seems to have a lot of activity.


Chowhound is pretty much dead. An awful website teamed up with terrible moderators isn’t a winning combintion.

Point seems like a hard place to run a higher end restaurant successfully year round. I know Shipwreck gets some love on here. Jr is a fan …or was lol. I miss captains eds. What a cool spot that was…not world class but the fun factor was definitely there.

The z man might have some good Intel on this spot. He is local.

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Gee. You forgot the lots and lots of ignorant, arrogant, miserable, twisted and argumentative souls who will pick a fight at the drop of a hat.

That always adds so much to the online “experience” for me.

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Pretty brave to put the number “13” in the name of your resto.

It’s a BYOB, so the Monmouth singularity does not apply. But tough to make it in the steak bus without a liquor license.

Their prices are Luger like and they get some spotty reviews on service and cleanliness, but everyone seems to like the food.

So I would say they are worth a try, and will put them on the list.

(Wayne G. Robinson) #10

Ate there once. Porterhouse for 2 was spot on. The sides weren’t. I’d happily go back as a guest.

(Junior) #11

Yeah Shipwreck pissed me off on my last visit with increased prices and decreased portion size. I’ve been driving up to New Brunswick to Steak 85, was there last night got a nice Tomahawk blue cheese crusted, solid place.

(Junior) #12

Being the man of my word which I pride myself in being, I finally got around to giving this place a try. Better late than never! Business entertaining a client and he asked if I knew this place, told him I’ve been meaning to try it for awhile so off we were. Funny seeing my last post in this thread was Oct. 16 and I was complaining about Shipwreck, my feelings regarding them have remained the same.

Unfortunately / fortunately (depending on your perspective) Prime 13 is a BYOB, which is really the reason it took me so long to give it a try. We arrived 6:45pm on a Tuesday night without reservations, surprisingly the place was fairly busy, probably 70-80% full. Thankfully they had a nice 4 top in the corner that offered us plenty of room. We were greeted by the server, a nice albeit “young” woman, we were given water and two pretzel rolls, and our wine was opened. Pretzel rolls were good, they were served with some mustard dipping sauce which I didn’t really care for, would have just preferred butter.

Looking the menu over I did notice none of their steaks (maybe one) of their steaks are actually Prime grade. They are all C.A.B and only their tomahawk ribeye is listed as aged. (again its not prime) Their prices @ $ 97. for porterhouse for 2, are prime aged NYC prices. I’ll be honest the menu really concerned me, I was preparing for a disappointment.

We ordered:

Apps: bacon and raw seafood platter for 2

Entree: Porterhouse for 2 medium rare, side broccoli rabe

When I inquired about how many slices of bacon come with the order the waitress said 2 slices so we placed one order to share. When the bacon came there was actually 3 half slices, so 1 & 1/2 actual slices of bacon. Odd. It also came with some balsalmic reduced onions which were a tasty garnishment. Bacon was a bit over cooked and dry.

The seafood tower at $ 14pp was very good. Only two shrimp, they were jumbo and very good. Oysters were fresh (we subbed the raw clams for oysters so the order had 8 total oysters) and the crab meat was fresh. A decent portion vs. price. The “home-made” cocktail sauce was very weak, I requested extra horseradish and there was a “mystery” sauce served with the platter that just seemed to be tobasco, even the waitress was a bit unsure on what it was.

Although we were served two appetizers we were NOT served any plates. We had to use our bread plates for the app’s and after eating the bacon and onions first we had to request clean side plates for the seafood. As I said the sauces with the seafood were weak.

The steaks came with a house salad which is a typical mixed greens house salad dressed in a vinaigrette dressing. Adequate.

The poterhouse was served cut off the bone and it was a nice sized cut. It is served on a somewhat sizzling plate, in it’s own juices!!! ((BRAVO-BRAVO!!!)) I’m not a fan of the “resting” steak method of serving steaks and they come to the table bone dry, no juices. I’m a Lugers fan, give me butter bath and juices baby. I didn’t taste butter on this one but I was glad to have it’s juices to savor. All in all the steak was VERY GOOD for non-prime, non aged. It lacked that nutty woody flavor typical of an aged steak, but it was still very good. The bernaise sauce I’m assuming home made was excellent as was the side order of broccoli rabe.

The steak is served with room temperature plates, I would prefer a warmed pate.

The place is fairly casual for the price point. It has an open kitchen with a counter top style seating in front of it, I’m not sure if you have to reserve those seats or not, nobody was seated at them during my visit. Overall I have very mixed feelings on the place, it’s pricey especially for the quality (or lack there of) the steak they are serving, they are charging prime aged prices but not serving that product. The CAB steak was excellent, but as I said I’m torn. The service was particularly poor, the waitress didn’t seem to be over 20 years old and her service would be adequate for Outback, not somewhere serving $97 steaks. Additionally there was no floor manager, no body other than the server checked on us. The bus boys are kids and they are clueless, when there are still two un-eaten oysters and several pieces of uneaten crab on a plate, don’t ask if we are still “working” on that. Missing utensils, frequent requests for water or ice etc. made the “dining - experience” less than desirable.

Dinner for two for the above $ 167. w tax no tip.

Bottom line:

Would I return? Yes, I certainly would. Especially still holding the grudge against Shipwreck (oddly the owner of which just recently friended me on facebook out of nowhere. lol ) I would go back, I would try some of their other steaks, now knowing what I"m in for.

Certainly worth a trip for you to draw your own conclusions, just don’t expect a formal dining experience.

(Junior) #13

Ok so here’s a comparison I’m currently at Fernandes III in South Amboy, here is their specials. (zoom into center if you can) 2 & 1/2 lbs (40 oz) Porterhouse for $ 40.75!!! Last night at Prime 13 the 44oz porterhouse was $97 non prime / aged. Fernandes comes with salad bar, veggies and potatoe!

4 oz of meat for $50??

(I ordered the tomahawk pics and price to follow)