Pride of the Sea [Matawan, NJ]

Considering he is a member of the AFJ, that would be immoral. :roll_eyes:

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I’ve written many overly positive reviews. Some may be considered “over the top”. But there is a difference between passionate and zealous, or borderline advertising.

Reads more like a press release than a review. You can pay for a press release, so if that was the case, he should have not included his name/info.


It says right at the start! This is absolutely a press release… and it made my teeth hurt.

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It is a press release designed to look like a review. I don’t know if it’s immoral, but I’m sure it is designed to deceive. I really liked Il Nido and wrote here that it was very good but I didn’t compare it to the Mona Lisa or a Michelin starred restaurant like this guy did.

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I don’t care if it’s a review, press release, yelp or Chow, I don’t care about the Mona Lisa or about France! But I’d still like to try one of those crab cakes!!

(then probably be disappointed and come back here to write a review, press release, blog, post or critique!!!)


Well, they’re still having their “Grand Opening” , so maybe they have a special on them.:slight_smile:

Seriously, what is with having a “Grand Opening” that lasts three months? (Though I think that Thai Shangri-la had one that lasted years, until they had to take down the signs because the building was being remodeled.)

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This review shows up in their ad in the Matawan Aberdeen Hometown Shopper.

Well, according to the “People of Matawan”, there is speculation that Pride of the Sea has already bitten the dust. Take it with a grain of salt. Their Facebook does mention being off Memorial Day and returning Tuesday, but it is now Wednesday night and the natives are getting restless. I called 15 minutes ago and there was no answer. Given how active the owner is online, I find it strange that they did not post if they were taking an extended vacation.

I must say, comments and complaints regarding this place have dominated my Facebook news feed since its inception (more so at the beginning) and then my news article pointing out the hysteria regarding its owner and his interactions with people brought in some pretty horrific comments at both myself and generally in the posting amongst each other. I swear to God, if this place is indeed closed, I am going to have a field day with the announcement.


Meh. Disregard. Someone said they were open yesterday.

Who to believe?

I should know better than to believe anything posted in that group.

They may be open but the lot was empty yesterday around 2PM except for two cars in back.

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And Google and their website has their hours as open until 9 PM. It was 8:15 when I called.

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maybe they were too busy admiring the Mona Lisa of crab cakes to remember to answer the phone?


Everything about this place has been a circus. Holy moly.

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Last Friday, we changed our minds while en route about going to the lobster truck for lunch and detoured into Matawan. We considered trying Pride of the Sea, but it was closed. Since their website says they’re (supposed to be) open all day, they probably are kaput.

Here is the update the owner posted on the town Facebook:

George Theoharis Komninakis Our phone isn’t disconnected so not sure what phone number your dialing Our phone line is 732 970 6158. We did close today at 430 because our sub pump broke and we had guys come and pump
Our water from basement nd fix the issue. We will be re opening tomorrow at 11:30. We were closed Monday for Memorial Day. Wanted to give my staff a day to go enjoy.
We launched the $9 lunch menu (served from 11:30-3:30
7 days a week) and our early bird special menu $12.95 from 3:30-5:30
7 days a week. The lunch menu for $9 could be used all day and night 7 days a week for delivery and take outs. We are excited to serve the great residents of Matawan and looking forward to seeing you all soon!! :heart::sunglasses:

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Now this could put them out of business…



What are you doing next Sunday?

Thanks for the tip Jeff. That is looking like a tasty meal.

Have you had, or heard about, any decent crabbing near you?

With the proviso that I’ve never been here and have heard mixed things about the this place, I’m always game to try someplace new.

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No decent crabbing around LBI that I’ve seen or heard of yet this year. Lot’s of blues, stripers and fluke in the surf and just offshore.