Pride Halal [London] -The samosas are back.

There was a post on CH a few months ago that Pride Halal was back in Green St. Market. Their samosas were always excellent and I was happy to hear they’d reopened. Well I went today for breakfast and can happily confirm that the samosas are as good as ever. I did ask for one lamb and one veg but got two veg. When they’re this good I’m not complaining. Thin crisp pastry, soft mash potatoes (so much better than cubes) and a few other veggies and they’re not shy with the chilli which really perks you up in the morning.


Hi, Shekha. Good to see you here.


Thanks :slight_smile: you too - is everyone here now?

Cheers, mate

I think there’s a couple or so still trying to make the best of it over there. I’d hope that Howler finds us in due course - I always appreciate his commentary on south asian food. And his advice on it.

I’ll tell Justin we are all here now in case he doesn’t know.

He may know. I think Peter (klyeoh) was going to get in touch.

Hi Shekha, Dean here. I’ve already told Justin, but he needs to actually get in here. Convince him! :wink:

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Honghe Hani Rice Terraces, Yuanyang County, Yunnan
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