Price not taste - after 90 years, it's the cost of American ownership

Ugh. This whole fiasco was infuriating and depressing. I even had a conversation about it with an employee of the gift shop in the U.K. Section of Epcot at Disneyworld last winter. That may sound extreme, but I guess I’m over it now.

You know what, though? The Americans aren’t the only villains here. Cadbury knew very well what it meant for their consumers outside of the UK when they sold the use of the trademark abroad (no access to UK candy in the U.S.) and certainly knew that their domestic recipes could change, as well.

Yeah, but…

I mean I know that, eventually, a deal was struck betwen Cadbury and Kraft but, by any standard, I don’t think it can be regarded as other than a hostile takeover. It was widely opposed here but what does public opinion count for when stacked against raw capitalism. And that’s before the sultanas debacle which has come hot on the heeels of the Creme Egg debacle.

Creme Eggs haven’t been right in the U.S. for ages :disappointed:

This just keeps getting worse!

The story hits my daily newspaper this morning which mentions that, as well as the Fruit & Nut and Creme Egg debacles, Cadbury has discontinued the production of bags of chocolate coins. Now, these have been a feature of my Christmas morning pretty much all my life (although, presumably, not my early years as sugar was still rationed, postwar, until 1954). It’ll never the same again.

Whatever next? Will Kraft discontinue the Terry’s Chocolate Orange - the mainstay of a Christmas Day evening at Harters Hall?

Next thing you know Guinness will stop using fish bladders in their production. What’s going on over there?

no known product ever changes for the better everything is bottom line these days and trusted brands are no longer trusted. As the local/artisan movement grows the commercial conglomerates grow and and cheapen everything they touch and the divide between mass market and boutique premium widens. The choice for the consumer is buy cheap mass produced crap or expensive quality small market goods there is no middle ground.