Pretty Good Birthday Haul!

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Happy birthday! Looks like you have a fine selection to enjoy. Cheers.

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That’s a very happy birthday! Have a good one!!! Which is your favourite bottle so far?

Thanks!! I’m pretty new to the world of bourbon. I’ve tasted the Whistle Pig before, but this is my first bottle. Had some last night and found it a very smooth drink. Also tasted the Michters which I also very much enjoyed. Haven’t yet cracked open the Heaven’s Door. Looking most forward to tasting this. Hope it doesn’t disappoint.


Happy Birthday!! Enjoy!

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Ok, this was strictly by accident, and no, not even my birthday, either. Furthermore, I wasn’t even drunk. I’ve been nostalgic for a properly made White Russian a la Dude, for some time now. I reach into the liquor drawer and pour myself a generous measure of vodka over ice; I then grabbed for the Kahlua bottle and poured myself a generous glug. Except it wasn’t Kahlua!! It was Sandeman’s Reserve Ruby Porto. Realizing right away what I did, I propmptly tasted it, and guess what? Not too bad! I proceeded to pour some Kahlua in , and it was even better! The H refused to taste it even, a sacrilege to his Porto, I guess…Wonder how many food and drink combos are created by accident? Enjoying!

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I can think of some drinks that couldn’t possibly have been deliberate! I prefer simple, but - love the one you’re with.

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Whistle pig is awesome, you will enjoy it.

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