Presidio/PAC Heights

staying in a new location in SF this week at the Laurel Inn. Any recs for places close by? I’ve got Hong Kong Flower Lounge 2, Dosa, the Snug and spruce bar as possibilities. Figure I’m too late for the Progress. Probably also do Ramen in Japan town and carne asada burritos in the mission.

Not too bad if you are around on Thurs:

I checked because the place seems to always have space if you are willing to eat late enough, since they close at 10/11p.

Ozaoza for kaiseki in Japantown if you are into fancy?

Where are you coming from and did you have any particular cuisines in mind?

In addition to the restaurant, Spruce has a cafe that opens at 9:30am everyday and has some of the best, and largest, cookies in town. Perfect for a plane right back home.

B Patisserie is pretty close and is contender for the best Koign Amann in SF.

Marufuku is the newest ramen place in Japantown now and is quite good. I’ve not been, but Uji Time just north of the Japantown Mall, has crazy long lines on weekends for their taiyaki and soft serve. There’s also a new place specializing in green tea desserts in the northern first floor section to the main mall. To my dismay, it doesn’t opens until 12:30pm on Sundays. Speaking of matcha, Stonemill Matcha just opened in the Mission.

We live in Santa Barbara and lived in the Bay Area (portola Valley) for many years so fairly familiar with SF. Love Asian, Mexican, Indian. Had a good dinner at Burmese place on Valencia a couple of years ago. B Patisserie looks interesting and close to our hotel, Laurel Inn. Hopefully they have a good cappuccino. I’ll check Marufuku out, I had Hinodeya ramen picked out as a ramen stop for lunch. We have reservations for Hong Kong lounge 2 tomorrow night which I’m excited about. Any can’t miss dishes?

sck, thanks for checking the Progress-unfortunately we are 5 tomorrow night and early time will not work either. Might do Dosa one night since we all love Indian food and maybe Nopalitos although we have amazing Mexican food in Santa Barbara.

Second B. Patisserie - excellent kouign-amann.

I like Marufuku more than Hinodeya though they are very different bowls. Marufuku is known for their tonkotsu and Hinodeya for their lighter dashi based broth.

Also, across the street from the Progress is Avery. I haven’t been there but really enjoyed the meal I had at its previous incarnation, RTB Fillmore.

Marufuku turned out to be an hour wait (husband and son had to watch the Sweden/Germany game) so we ended up at Udon place next door. Very good. Also had a good dinner at Hong Kong Lounge 2, thumbs up for pork buns, soup dumplings, shrimp and chive dumplings and loved the soft shell crab. Coffee Ribs also good. Our second night was a melange of a sick dog visit to emergency vet clinic on Fillmore and drinks at The Snug next door (and discovering the co owner is a kid I’ve known since he was kindergarten). Want to go back there and eat. We ended up searching outer Sacramento for a very late dinner and ended up at Sociale and I loved my cauliflower soup and artichoke ravioli. Last dinner was at Hunan’s on Church. Always satisfying (been eating the same dishes since 1978). Lastly highly recommend the sandwiches at B Patisserie offshoot B on the Go. Best porchetta sandwich ever.


Thanks for reporting back!

Is that Mugizo, or something else?

Yes it was Mugizo.