Prepping for Passover: Where do you shop?

The Passover Holiday is just around the corner. Where do you shop for it? Which market has the best selection, and/or the best prepared foods if you get too tired to cook? Thanks…

Just curious - where do you shop? Is there someplace special you know of?

Normally, we use Fairway, Whole Foods and, on occasion, New Roc Glatt on Quaker Ridge Road in New Rochelle, but it does get pricey…

I don’t celebrate, but I happened to be at the Stop and Shop in Mt. Kisco after our HOdown yesterday and I have never seen a bigger selection of kosher for passover packaged goods. Not sure if that’s what you were referring to but they had almost an entire aisle devoted to it. There was even kosher nutella!

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Nice, they are keeping up the A&P Food Emporium tradition.
Good thing too … or they would be run out of town.
I was always amazed by the variety of really good
high end items they stocked for Passover… I loved to
stop in there, full disclosure to load up on the Passover chocolate
and u bet syrup :slight_smile:

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Thanks, icecream! I have not visited Stop & Shop in some time. Must take a look at this…

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