Prepdeck - what do you think of it?

Interesting, I think the chop board is not solid enough.

This could be handy for a “tiny house” or boating. It might be good for demonstrations. The look of it reminds me of a bar tending setup.

I don’t see it for myself - my kitchen is equipped with what I need.


This is the visual representation of “There’s GOT to be a better way!”

I can hear the infomercial actor fumbling with measuring spoons, knives, and vegetables and just dropping them all in exasperation.


Meh. Too many pieces to clean, and containers look very small. I just cut up a head of cauliflower for roasting, where is that gonna go? Oh yeah onto the sheet pan and into the oven! And I’m single, how is that going to hold enough for a family of 4? How often do you cook with that many ingredients? Maybe a stir fry where you need everything a la minute. They mention storage, are you supposed to put the whole thing in the fridge and use your prep over a few days?


A solution in search of a problem, again.


Get the Betty Crocker cookbook. And start there . Basic , simple , good .

I’m kind of very “over” all of the products and companies that thrive on perpetuating the myth that cooking is a Mysterious Difficult and Very Stressful Chore.
A very big plastic box with smaller plastic boxes and a gizmo to prep veggies (and a bunch more stuff to wash) won’t make you a better cook.
Get a decent knife, watch some knife skills youtube videos, buy a 5lb bag of onions, a 5lb bag of carrots and 5lb bag of potatoes and when you’re done practicing on those your knife skills won’t suck as much.


I always love the “before” pictures for these cooking gizmos. In this case that sure is a lot of counter space to be floundering around in.

And if she just concentrated on one thing at a time half the mess would be gone!


I don’t think it is useful for me. There are some nice ideas in organisation. But at the end of the day, the containers are too small to be really useful.

Although, I think my husband would want one! He likes setup like this, he drives me crazy by placing all bowls and dishes on the counter top when doing his preparation for his once a month pizza thing. Maybe useful for a geek and leisure cook that is single.