Prepared dishes at MY HEB

They’ve gone all in committing a lot of counter space to appetizers and entrees.

So far we’ve had the spaghetti and meatballs and stuffed mushrooms.

The meatballs are quite moist and while I feel the spaghetti is a bit dry we have a jar of some excellent Rao’s marinara that cures all.

We had the stuffed mushrooms for the first time tonight tonight and they’re a big hit.

I also broiled some fresh cod.

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I’ve seen these at my New HEB - pretty hard to miss, actually. Only glanced at a couple of tables the first couple of times but took a good look on my last visit. Haven’t tried anything yet but I do remember seeing something that looked very good - now I can’t remember what it was. I was overwhelmed by the time I walked all around the tables and refrigerated cases and I’m sure I missed some other good looking items.

Do you know if the line-up is static or does it change from day to day?

Is this outside the glass case? I haven’t been to Bunker Hill in a while. I did buy a bunch of their appetizer spreads once that are all on the ned closest the doors, but I didn’t like any of them.

Don’t know because there are so many items but they usually have someone there so next time I’ll ask them.

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Outside the case.

I will be giving a few of them a try if I see something that catches my fancy for the day and maybe don’t feel like going out or fixing something.

My experience with things from other HEB stores has been hit or miss. Ditto with stuff from Central Market in that big deli/Cafe on the Run and HEB and CM branded frozen items.

I think I remember a small selection like this at the old Braeswood store but I don’t think I’ve seen this big a selection at either the Buffalo Spdwy store or Sugar Land Market. Maybe it’s a new push.

I bought some for my dad, he really liked the steak.

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