Premiere [Somerville]

Has anyone been? I had kind of written it off based on some hearsay and local politics, but this review in Eater is quite complimentary and not at all what I was expecting.

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yeah, I saw that too and thought some of it looked promising. The overall cheesy vibe that this place exudes just really puts me off–I’ve complained previously about the black and white “movie star” interior (though there are also bad color paintings of Bono etc) that I think is just awful, and when I walk home past the place now they put a long strip of cheap red carpet along the sidewalk in some weak allusion to a Hollywood opening and it all just rubs me the wrong way.

I live right around the corner, so maybe I’ll try it someday. The food does look better that I thought it would–though I’m not totally sure I need to buy a $28 chicken parm here with Bob’s equal walking distance from my place.


I live nearby, too, though not in walking distance. The menu could be OK if well-executed. While more promising than expected, not exactly exciting and I am 3 blocks from Vinny’s. The food will probably be more contemporary than Vinny’s but it’s hard to imagine going out of my way to get to Premiere, especially with cheesy factors like red carpet on the sidewalk and “movie star” interior. A live music venue and crowds of people also not enticing as the pandemic continues. The red carpet won’t fare well during the next hours of the expected Ida downpours and it will look great as snow melts (not).


" Most recently at Eataly, Bazzinotti is still sourcing fancy Italian products and using techniques from a high-end playbook, even if Premiere’s menu comes across as totally unpretentious."

Except a $28 chicken parm seems rather pretentious, doesn’t it?


And braciole for $30…pork braciole, not beef, which is presumably more expensive


Totally agree with all of your points. I’m thinking a place to bring the midwestern in-laws perhaps? I just need to satisfy my curiosity, and it is right around the corner from me. Will look forward to any actual reports notwithstanding all our rampant speculation.