Pregnant women, growing children & teens (and everybody, really) should avoid grab-and-go pre-wrapped fast foods to limit exposre to hormone-disrupting agents

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There are a lot of things pregnant women should avoind.
Certain types of fish - especially large predatory fish such as shark, swordfish or king mackerel may contain large amounts of mercury. Although for adult mercury fish is not a risk, if you are pregnant or want to become pregnant, you must take into account some special precautions. If you eat fish frequently with high mercury content, it may accumulate over time in your circulation and so it will reach the developing child, having a harmful effect on his brain and nervous system.

Definitely true. Pregnant women should be very careful, because everything is going to reflect on their baby. They should have a very good diet, and to not consume a very big list of harmful substances and products. It’s definitely not easy to be pregnant, but every women goes through it. Also, if you’re wondering is airborne safe when pregnant, the answer is no. Never take airborne while pregnant, it can be very dangerous because it exceeds the limits of daily requirements.

Can’t speak to the first half of the sentence, but as a woman who has never been (and never will be) pregnant, I can say that the second half of the sentence is unequivocally false.


Never wanted to be, never tried to be, never accidentally was.


+2. Sweet freedom!


+3 and never changed my mind.


I thoroughly approve of women who make the conscientious decision not to have children. So what if they don’t want kids. Who am I to judge.

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small_h, can I just say that every time you post, I like you more and more.


“Hormone Disrupting Agents” sounds like the antagonist faction in a spy movie.

Well, thanks! And right back at you.


maybe Spenser777 meant to type “but every mother goes through it.”

That’s also unequivocally false. I adopted a 7 year old from foster care and I’m definitely a mother who has never been, never will be, never tried to get…pregnant.


Maybe! And also maybe people should wait to be asked before offering advice on the health of others, including (but not limited to) their reproductive systems.


just a little drive-by man-splaining


How else we gonna learn?


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