Pre-Theater Recommendation (Opera House)?

We are looking for somewhere great to have dinner before a show at the Opera House next month. The show isn’t until 8p so time is not a big issue. I am drawing a blank as to anything in that area that remotely excites me.

Hi uni,
I went this summer to the Opera House and we ate right next door at Salvatore’s. You don’t say what kind of meal you are looking for, but mine was very good. I got the salmon salad with asparagus and my DIL got the Steak and Blue salad and it was outstanding.

A couple of years ago, we went across the street to the Legal C bar and got lobster rolls. They were good also, but I liked Salvatore’s better.

Wherever you go, make reservations, or you won’t get in. BTW, if you like ethnic food, there’s a Thai restaurant in the area, Mon Tien, I believe, with really good food.
But for us, the convenience of being right new door to the theatre, was the the best part. :smile:
Enjoy wherever you go.


I’m interested to read the responses, as we’ve found ourselves in exactly the same boat on recent trips to the Opera House. In the past, we’ve eaten at Erbaluce or in Chinatown. (Last time, we tried Five Spices House, which we didn’t love.)

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We enjoy Teatro if you’re up for Italian. As nonaggie says, you are really close to Chinatown and could check out Shojo or Best Little Restaurant since they take reservations.

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I was thinking about Teatro. We have not been there in a long time, but it was always solid. It’s tricky because if I want Italian(ish) I can go to Pammy’s and then head over to the Opera House from there. It only changes the time of when go from Cambridge into town.

I’ve been wanting to try the new Columbus Hospitality Group / Jamie Mammano place, Bar Lyon in the South End. Although that is not all convenient to the Opera House.

I liked the food at Shojo much more before the changeover.

I also haven’t been to No.9 Park in over a decade.

I’m rambling…


I love your rambles. Please continue as it suits you!


Rambling helps us all cover more ground!

Consider Yvonne’s. It’s a short walk, festive, and really good food. When we are dining post Nutcracker matinee we splurge on one of their feasts for 2 (more than sufficient for 3 of us). Excellent cocktail and wine program. It is $$$, however.


Presumably you’ll be on foot? And spring onion-less? I still haven’t been even though it’s right around the corner from my office, but how about haley.henry?


Great rec. Have not tried it yet.

I’m a big fan of Ruka, and have been wanting to try Pabu. Also, depending on what you’re looking for, I’d echo the Chinatown recommendations (I love Dumpling Cafe) and sometimes Sip can really fit the bill.

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We had our theater night this past weekend and decided to try Penang. We’ve eaten at the Penang that used to be in Harvard Square, but this was our first time to the one in Chinatown. We really enjoyed the food and will be back when attending other events in the area.

They don’t take reservations for parties of 2, and there was a short line when we arrived, but service was really speedy. We got seated after about 5 minutes, they took our order immediately, food came out within a few minutes, and they were ready with the check as soon as we finished.


Helpful intel! We used to love Penang back when we were seeing more shows in Boston. Great to know Penang is still a solid choice that’s not spendy.

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Were going to Hamilton soon and are eating at Mooncusser beforehand. Its a bit of a walk, though.


Thanks for the post.

Penang wasn’t on my list, so I’ll be adding it. Any recommendations on things to order?

We had roti canai (a nice stretchy flatbread with chicken curry for dipping), kang kung belacan (stir-fried water spinach), and the curry mee with yong tau foo (a noodle soup with a curry base, with an assortment of other things - eggplant, tofu, what seemed to be a pepper stuffed with fish paste, bouncy fish balls). We really enjoyed all 3 and would order them all again; my only wish was that the curry mee had included more of each item (it was 1 piece of eggplant, 1 piece of bitter melon, etc.).

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Oh, I hope you report back on Mooncusser. Have been to the sister restaurant in Concord, 80 Thoreau, so wondering how this seafood destination stacks up.