Pre-Thanksgiving trip report [Branford CT; Larchmont NY; Mamaroneck NY]

We visited family in Mamaroneck/Port Chester the weekend/days leading up to Thanksgiving - B had to work back in Boston on Wed and Friday. We headed down early afternoon on Saturday after making a stop in RI at our vacation house to tend to a task there. We made the mistake of stopping for a late-ish lunch (~2:30 pm) instead of driving all the way through…Archie Moore’s in Branford. After stopping at the one in Wallingford on our last trip to Westchester, this has become B’s new favorite pub. Plus, the pull of college football was too great, even though I knew the traffic would just keep getting worse (and, boy, did it). Oh well…HUGE plate of nachos for him, Beyond Burger for me, plain burger for Spring Onion. Nice service.



Saturday dinner was at my brother and SIL’s - they are both good cooks but I can’t remember what we ate!

Sunday lunch was at Billy and Pete’s Social in Larchmont. Cute place, but the front room was a little unkempt - I think the FOH was a little overworked/understaffed but the service was good nonetheless. Pizza was just ok. We got Detroit pizza (classic and a meat version; we’ve had much better renditions in Boston) and the grilled pizza was dry (we got the clam, classic cheese, and best of the bunch lemon/ricotta/romanesco broccoli). Starters were kale Caesar (with real anchovies) and meatballs for the kids.




Sunday dinner was at bro’s and SIL’s again. They made a pork tenderloin with lots of good sides.

After a morning of boring but essential errands with my parents, Monday lunch was supposed to be at McShane’s per @gutreactions’s recommendation but it didn’t work out. We instead had lunch near my bro’s at Sedona Tap House out of convenience and actually, it was fine. B had a good fried chicken sandwich, I had salmon sliders, mom and dad split a burger. Spring Onion ate something…what? I don’t remember. A dinner of delicious leftovers for Monday dinner and then we headed back Tuesday after breakfast. No stopping for lunch this time. We’ll be heading back down to NY for Christmas.


Sour like a busy, productive and tasty few days with a lot of driving. :blush:

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Archie Moore’s! I lived in New Haven late 1988 to mid 1989 when my then partner was finishing his residency at Yale-New Haven Hospital. We went to Archie Moore’s there so often; I think that was the original location. I was never in to gnawing on chicken bones, but the Buffalo sauce was great and I consumed many a plate of nachos, sometimes while watching Jim Valvano’s NC State basketball team play (I’m from NC). Always full of sports fans, Yale students, and townies. Interesting to know they are still around and in many locations now.

Sounds like a trip packed with many things, and some good food! Thanks for the report.

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Billy and Pete’s is an ok but pricey option (for what it is). The best thing about them (and I’m not sure if they still do ) is they use ezzo brand pepperoni - which will make any pizza seem very good. If you really really like pepperoni pizza (like I do) try mama’s too in nyc and then head further down broadway to zabars. Also , I think Grigg St. pizza, just over the border in downtown Greenwich makes some excellent pizza, and I know that at least some of the time they use ezzo pepperoni (maybe always). Grigg St. does get their sub rolls (sourdough?) from kneaded bread in Portchester which is well worth going to for excellent bread.

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