Praise for Seta's Cafe Belmont

Went for brunch to Sela’s on a Sunday for the first time last weekend with a friend and was flabbergasted that I’d never gone or been recommended to it. Light and fluffy ricotta lemon pancakes with compote is what I had, but there are, turkish breakfast ensembles (at least at breakfast time), and of course some lovely pastries. Pleasant atmosphere and staff, order at the counter. I will be going back!


Sounds like you went to Seta’s Cafe in Belmont.

Ha! yes …sorry .

Thanks for reminding me about Seta’s, I’d meant to try it a while back but it had fallen off my radar.

The chopped Greek salad with lamb khorovats (and extra dressing) made for a great summer dinner today: lovely greens, ripe tomatoes, tasty feta, garbanzos, and tender lamb. (Also many kalamata olives, which a friend enjoyed; these were good enough that I could see learning to like them too.) We also shared a side of babaganoush and a container of that followed me home.

It’s a nice space and I appreciate that they have self-serve water and take-out containers (I only got through about half my salad). I’m looking forward to trying some of their other meats and baked goods. The brunch looks terrific too, will have to give that a try sometime.


That looks wonderful!