We’re about to head to Prague for a few days, and are eager for restaurant suggestions. Ideas?

In Prague our favorites were Sansho, an Asian-style restaurant, and Lokal. I am not a beer drinker, but in Lokal the beer was so good that I had 2 liters.

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Strong recommendations for three restaurants in Prague – Next Door by Imperial, run by a celebrity chef ate The Imperial around the corner. Very nice, superb service, delicious food, starting with a head cheeses spread amuse bouche.

a rabbit terrine

pork tenderloin with cepes and onions.

and pork cheeks marinated in a dark beer.

a change of pace – La Republica, a beer hall where I got a duck pate (100g).

followed by a roast duck leg (500 g) with cabbage and dumplings.

while Nancy got an eggplant

and we split an apple strudel.

both of those were just outside the Old City. Just outside the castle we found Kuchyn – great view and better food, beginning with a chicken liver pate

a sensation sou for Nancy – very popular at other tabes as well –

then pork with sauerkraut that was fabulous for me

while Nancy had beef in red wine and vegetables – also tender and delicious. Note that dumplings in Prague are very bland bread that soaks up sauce like a sponge.
![kuchyndumpling.jog|700x481(upload://mL9MtI8Y34ooVcJatED5KbYBq1T.jpeg). The baked breads uniformlywere excellent

I gained some weight on the trip. More details as well as some Prague photos and info at john tanners bbq blog.


Another surprise dish at the hilton, where we stayed –


They may have translated that one badly. Those do not look like Cepes at all. They appear to be Champignons de Paris/Button Mushrooms

Nice report may come in use for me soon :crossed_fingers: