POUTINE is finally migrating SOUTH! (HOUSTON)

I have lamented on countless occasions the lack of poutine in this town, because, well Canada is really far away.

Now a restaurant fully dedicated to poutine is opening in the Energy Corridor: Tubs Poutine, named after the fellah’s chunkey monkey.

EEEEP! :dancer::man_dancing:

I’m beside myself. :dancing_women:


Hey. The Energy Corridor is a long way away :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. I guess you don’t have to show proof of citizenship or something to get into the neighborhood, though.

Didn’t you report on poutine at Underbelly or something?

I see the Lunch Lady Fries at Bernie’s and Disco Fries at Pappa Geno’s have been compared to poutine. I bet. I had the dish at BB’s that Robb Walsh called Tex-Cajun poutine but there’s nothing squeaky about queso.

And then there’s the Maple Leaf Pub.

I shall look forward to your report.

There are Texasized versions. This is the real deal. I did have an excellent one at Cured in San Antonio. It’s not as far as Katy!

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The Canadians are coming! The Canadians are coming!

(Actually they’re already here). We’re being invaded by everybody.

That’s got to be some pricey rent for that location.

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“We’re an American grill bar so if you wanted something gluten-heavy to fill you up, we have that option, and also have healthy options if that’s the route you want to take,” General Manager Allan Hannay told us.

Okaaaay, not sure what to make of that statement, perhaps the American grill reference and the gluten-heavy comment are not related. I’m not sure what it means either way, but I’ll get the gluten-free poutine any day.

So I note that it is still open.

Did you ever get over there?



No! Frankly it’s my lack of any patience that make me avoid the construction zone from ache e double hockey sticks. Soon tho! Especially now that the weather is turning. Pretty heavy for Houston summers.