Poultry Supplier in Oakland, California Chinatown

My formerly ultra-reliable supplier of poultry on 9th Street between Webster and Harrison has changed hands. The new guys are no good. Who’s good for chickens and ducks in that neighborhood?

Thanks for your help.

the former T & S and now Yet Sun shared the same supplier in the olde days : Petaluma Poultry, don’t know about now.
our family sources poultry dressed after u pick out the birds u want at Saba LIve Poultry @845 Kennedy St. Oakland. (across from old Bimbo/wonder bread thrift shop). Thursday is buy 5?, get one free.

s.f. has 3 stores on grant ave that sells “dressed” poultry. middle store (Man Sung, 1116 Grant) the busiest, best service.

One of the three Grant Ave. poultry shops , San Francisco Poultry (formerly New On Sang) also has an outlet on Stockton St. at Pacific. There’s also the newer King Poultry at 758 Broadway that Melanie Wong likes at talk up on chowhound.

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