Potential Hurricane A Coming Texas Coast

You heard it here first. Being a pro/amateur weather geek the Weather Channel guy and I concur that things can get ugly quickly here in our corner of the Gulf.

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More likely a lot of rain :crossed_fingers: Course we know we don’t like that either.

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It is now Tropical Storm Nicholas. These things blow up in the western Gulf. I would not take it lightly.

Maybe I can run into Jim Cantore or Stephanie Abrams at Benno’s in Galveston. Heck, I saw Shern Min Chow there.

Cat 1. I told the Wifecita I would be up all night managing the storm. I told her that as a weather geek as a child this is what I live for years later.

I wish no harm on anybody and hope everybody takes every precaution.

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A good lawn soak and lots of leaves in the streets. And a day off. Hope all y’all are cozy and dry.


I’m stuck with the Wifeacita all day, I mean happy to be with her.

Mayor Turner just went Porky Pig admonishing residents to be vewy, vewy careful. I didn’t make this up.

Breaking news! Channel 11 just reported a tree down.

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More breaking news!!

The storm is over. The Price is Right is on.

They gave away season tickets to soccer.

Soccer? I’m guessing with season tickets there is a chance to see a goal.

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Hahaha! I can just hear it. Mayor Sly that is.

There’s a light out at dairy Ashford and Briar Patch. Apparently there are still a significant amount of people that are unaware that it is then a 4 way stop.

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The lights at Antoine and Hempstead frequently go out and people happily ignore it.

Had I rolled a 4 way stop sign like everybody else does I would be dead or taking my meals out of a straw as some genius blew thru doing about 50 in a 30 and would have t boned me on the drivers side.

The good news is I had the right of way, the bad news see above.

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He was wearing a hat that said Mayor Turner on it as if we didn’t know who he is after all the pub he has received from various natural disasters.

I stand corrected. It was Elmer Fudd and not Porky. Heck I have Looney Tunes on now.

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