Potato chip flavors all over the world



The best I have had were saffron potato chips in Switzerland. Wish I could get them here.

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I find new flavours every day. On the othe hand, some common flavours we have at home are paprika and bolognese.

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There’s little heat and not garlicky at all.

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I don’t know if it tastes anything like gyros. I had gyros in Greece, which tasted meaty. This doesn’t taste like that. Döner kebab, perhaps. I think it’s the strong, sharp onion taste in the yoghurt sauce in Döner kebab. The “spicy chicken wings” is indeed spicy and very savoury.

(This is in Budapest, btw.)


@Presunto Many years ago I met a guy from frito lay. He had a trunk full of chips and gave us some big mac doritos. I don’t know if they ever came to market.

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I am not sure. Can anyone recall seeing Big Mac flavour? Several brands have made “hamburger” flavour. I’ve tried a couple but thought it tasted too strong of gherkins.

From what I remember there are many many flavours (of crisps/chips) in China but they hardly taste like what it says on the package, however.

I haven’t thought of my favourite flavour. Used to be ketchup when I was younger.

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I notice Lay’s is always crunchier than others. The Piquant Paprika is very savoury and mildly “piquant”. Could be more piquant! The Pizza is OK. There’s some taste of basil and tomato sauce and “cheese”.

I’m in Tokaj so of course I drink Tokaj with everything.

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Last Chio I had in Tokaj. The best so far. Very savoury and meaty. I looked up the word “cevapcici” and it confirmed what I thought it was… kebab, a kind of “skinless sausages”, like I had in Albania and norther Greece. It’s prevalent in all of Balkan.


I like the way Chio’s uses the word “style” as a synonym for “flavored.”

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I see on Chio’s site there are some different flavours available only in certain countries, mostly in eastern Europe. Never saw those flavours til I was in Hungary.

This was in Sheffield, UK.




I still like these 2 the most. I would have liked Bovril more. Not sure if Walker ever made that one.

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Nice ones!! Pickled onion… wish I could taste it!


Interesting…I saw some very familiar bag labeling and it turns out Walkers is indeed the Lays brand here in the US. I learned something new today :slight_smile:

@Presunto if you have the chance in the US, try a beer called “regular coffee” by carton brewing (that is if you like coffee.) It’s from my home town and it is pretty wild. Check beer advocate for reviews. It is worth seeking one out.


These were very addictive .

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Tastes like something savoury, and indeed a bit sweet. Savoury and salty would be nice.

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What exactly is American BBQ flavour anyway? It’s a bit savoury, a bit smokey, and a bit sweet. I have a problem with the sweetness. Also, the crisps are really crunchy (in a bad way) and huge they are such a mouthful. My mouth is busted now. Partner ate most of it.


The hint of sweet is the most popular iteration of BBQ in America.


I had Guinness flavored chips in New Hampshire. I didn’t like them. They had some sort of malt flavoring that didn’t work well with the chips.

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The Honey Butter potato chips from Trader Joe’s are the new kryptonite chez moi.

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Sound great.