Post wedding celebration for 8 people Newton/Watertown MA area

I am posting on behalf of a friend who will be getting married on Monday, July 31st of this year.
Looking for a casual but elegant, quiet setting, ideally between the hours of 6 an 9 PM. No more than $50.00 per person including beer, wine, soda. Open to Pub fare, Italian and Spanish cuisines. Any recommendations are appreciated … Thank you in advance

Size of the group? Private room?

8 people

We have enjoyed Branch Line in Watertown. I don’t think they have a private room, and sometimes the food is over salted to our taste. We’ve only been at lunch on weekends so I don’t know how loud it is at dinner. There is outdoor seating. A Monday night…well, I would guess they would respond well to a phone call asking about possibilities.

I second the Branch Line suggestion. They have a covered terrace that can be used rain or shine - and if the weather is nice there is an adjacent bocce ball court. Another possibility is Cook in Newtonville. The dining room is L-shaped, and you might be able to corral the back portion.

On behalf of my friend I want to thank everyone who
responded to this thread. She did attempt to post
a couple of times but was unable to do so. She is
blind and has trouble navigating certain sites.

The wedding party ended up at the Stockyard Restaurant
I looks as if they catered to the non foodies in the group
Regardless they were happy … TY again for your recommendations