Post profiling on front page

Hi all,

We recently started profiling topics on the top of the front page as a trial.

In order to be profiled, the software requires the first post of the topic to have a picture. That’s just how the software rolls.

So please try to include a picture when you are starting a new topic!


"Profiling " is not what I usually consider a good thing. What do you mean by profiling ?


My unsolicited opinion is I don’t like the crop on the photos. Klyeoh’s photo looks fine but Chem’s looks unfortunate.

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First thing that crossed my mind. It must be the California that still lives on in me.

What happens with no photo?
Does it deliver a message like a disapproving mother urging us to do better?

Hmm, maybe a better word is highlighting.


Way better.


The post doesn’t appear in the front page. The software just won’t do it…

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The software does all the cropping automatically. No control over this unfortunately.

I get that, I don’t think it works well with photos.

I think the aspect ratio of most photos in posts ranges from 14:9, 5:4, 3:2 or a square.

Of course it depends on the size of the screen we’re using. So each of us will see different things. On my 13" laptop, it seems it works the best when 4 photos are showed at the same time. 2 or 3 photos tend to make into a narrow banner format, and crop too much detail from the photos.

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