Post last update date is off?

This morning, I noticed that the list of threads did not always provide the most recently listed comment. The Sichuan question has been saying the most recent response was from JoanN, 11 minutes ago, and has been saying this most of the day. This is not the most recent response on the thread, and there are a number of other threads with similar discombobulations, although not all are like that.
I have some database experience, and this suggests to me that something isn’t working right.

It’s very likely because I have been moving certain threads from board to board when I consolidated some boards.

``The title of this thread is More Chowhound Shenanigans and the inconsistencies I’m talking about are there. Sorry if I wasn’t clear.

so THAT’s what happened. I saw the notification that you’d done something to a post, but couldn’t figure out what it was (figured if I couldn’t see what it was, it must not be a big enough change to be bothered mentioning) :smile:

This has no relevance to Hungry Onion, but it’s even stranger than I thought. When I go to The Other Site and look into the first offering, everything is copacetic. When I go back to the original first page, I’m presented with an outdated list of threads. If I refresh it, logic prevails, but the outdated list returns if I try to return to page 1.

I hope this is clearer. I should add this happens on my ipad2 with system 9.1.