post concert at Greek theater in Berkeley - nice place to eat/drink wine?

Going to concert at Greek Friday - don’t really know the area. We’re ok to walk 10-15 mins Suggestions for nice place to eat or have wine and small plates

That area is tough due to the proximity of the university campus. I don’t know good addresses any more for what you seek on Northside or Southside within 15 mins walk. Bistro Liaison, near-northwest, is modest, but might fit the bill, except that it closes at 9:30, so better for a pre-concert meal. There are fancier places a little further north of that in the “Gourmet Ghetto” on Shattuck. Other options might depend on how you are getting there. More details, please?

The Cafe at Chez Panisse is open until 11:30 on Friday nights. You can deserve on Open Table. It’s 10 minutes by cab from the Greek.

have a car so gourmet ghetto is an option. Anything new there in last 2 years. Haven’t been there in a while

I was thinking about that but just checked the menu online. it seems super limited … I didn’t recall it being so minimal?

CP Café usually has a number of specials which can be more compelling than the standard menu.

That’s what I was going to mention. It’s not strictly limited to the online menu.

Cafe Rouge is another great option. They’re open until 10 p.m.

Revival is open late for bar food. Not super close, but it could work.

Kiraku fits the small plates and nice place to eat bill, but I’m not sure if its quite what you’re looking for. The food is delicious, though. From the Greek the walk is pushing 15 minutes. Open until 11pm on Fridays.

Thanks. Good suggestions all round. I found place called TigerLily that’s open till midnight. Any reviews on that?

Tigerlily is solid: good cocktails and food. East Bay Spice Co is owned by the same group as Tigerlily-it’s a younger crowd here. I like the cocktail selection better at EBSC and the food better at Tigerlily.

Comal in downtown Berkely is also solid. The tripe and the albondigas are my favorite.