Post communion lunch maybe near water?

Looking for post communion lunch on a sat, finding it harder than I anticipated. Any suggestions would be
Much appreciated. Seafood menu would be a
Huge plus. Anywhere from Middletown on down to spring lake or a bit south is in play.

Friends have been very happy with parties they’ve held at Stella Marina in Asbury Park…

I haven’t been there yet, but the Proving Ground in Highlands has been getting a lot of attention lately. They recently updated their lunch menu too.

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Salt Creek has perfect private rooms downstairs that I would imagine would be perfect for an occasion like that. You also have all the “tourist” places in Pt. that food would be secondary to view/location; Lobster Shanty - Place Next Door (name escapes me) - Shrimp Box. A middle of the road suggestion would be River Rock, I actually attended a graduation party there and the food wasn’t that bad, much to my surprise. Also great wow factor is Mc Cloons Rum Runner (Is it still called that?) no idea what their pricing would be for something like that, their normal menu isn’t that outrageously priced.

I think a lot has to do with price point when you are talking water view restaurant, you are going to pay much more for quality food AND a view. Generally those two do not go hand in hand. Last thought Charlies in Long Branch might be a happy medium although they don’t have a great view it is almost beach front.

Considering atmosphere and room for kids to be kids:

Bahr’s, Highlands
Eventide, Sea Bright
Ollie Klein’s, Belmar
Avon Pavilion, Avon

Ended up at Avenue. Had a nice time. Price was actually reasonable as they are one of few places to do brunch on Sat. Food was very good, view incredible. Not many people at that time so service was pretty good, got great but pretty good.
Had burger which was very good, fries were outstanding. Blueberry pancakes and French toast were big hits. Eggs Benedict received high marks and salad too. All in all a really nice time. Would def go back for brunch. Want to try Blu Grotto brunch one of these days to compare.

Thanks to everyone for your advice. As always much appreciated

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