Possibility of an "International" board

Somewhere for those of us who are not in North America?

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Yah, I’ve mentioned that before. Or was that on FTC? I can’t keep them straight anymore :smiley:

At least some countries and/or international cities like Paris, Rome, London, Barcelona, Berlin, etc.

Seems to be a matter that they’re happy to create whatever boards are requested – probably better than setting up a bunch of boards that don’t end up being used.

the non US/ Canada people are going to be mad at me for lumping everything else together, but the board is created! Once each country gets a few thread a day, then we can give its own board. thanks.

Thanks for the prompt action.

Lumped together is fine until it grows and becomes less manageable.

I’m open to a new Food board, but totally agree that a few more categories are needed. Most important to me is Europe. Italy and France (there is already a category for London) are probably the areas most important to people. Having a category “other” or “Intl” is too broad. Hope this helps…Ed