Posillipo's - Ocean, NJ

Is the new place open?

Haven’t they heard of the Internet?

People have kindly supplied their backstory - anyone know anything new or eaten there?

Good Lord, that name is a blast from the past. I remember eating there when I was about 10 years old, with my family, circa 1977. It was the only restaurant I’d ever been to that required men to wear jackets, and had a rack of them for those uncouth types (such as my dad) who showed up without one. Also, Posillipo’s was–and remains–the only restaurant I’ve ever been to that had prices only on the menu that the man of the table got. The women got menus without prices. It seemed like a throwback even then.

I’m pretty sure Posillipo’s was the first place I ever had chocolate mousse. Served in a giant champagne glass.

We tried to go to Posillipo’s tonight. We got there about 6:30 and there were no tables available for the rest of the night. There were also no seats at the very full bar. We never thought to make a reservation since we never needed one when they were in Asbury. Now we know better

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