Portugalia Market, Fall River

I was thinking of getting tinned fish and making the 45 min drive to Fall River as I have heard good things about Portugalia Market? Has anyone been and if so, recommended products RE price and quality?


It’s been on my list of places to try as well. Curious who has been!

There have been a few posts about it, notably this one.

And for a nearby meal, this review.


Thanks Gretchen. It wasn’t in the cards today but will make it there one day. There is a place in Lowell (Vaentina’s) that i might try instead as it is closer. I remember Sagres when it was recommended in the Sterns book Roadfood so its been there a long time.


I have schlepped my wife and kid to Portugalia on many drives and I can overall say that it has always been worth it. We absolutely love to stock up on olives, chorizo, olive oil, and many other delicious things they offer there. It’s a great little shop… but it’s far.

They have a nice little cafe where you can get a Sao Tome cheese + chourico sandwich which is always awesome, and their baked goods, including their Pastel de Nata are always fresh and delicious.

I definitely recommend venturing out there in spite of the distance, just make it count and include a spot nearby for lunch or something, like at the place @GretchenS recommended