Portugal - Northern Alentejo - Portalegre

Back from a short trip in the Portalegre district of Portugal. This is a little known region, but there are some fantastic gems there… Luxury hotels like “Torre da Palma” in Monforte (an old palace built next to the ruins of a Roman villa) or " Vila Gale Collection Alter Real" in Alter do Chão (the hotel is in the old Royal Studs, where they still breed the original Lusitano horses, a must for horse lovers). Some fantastic restaurants like “Tomba Lobos” in Portalegre, or “Pateo Real” in Alter do Chão are well worth the trip!


I certainly agree that the Portalegre district in the Upper Alentejo has some fantastic gems, like Tomba Lobos and also in the same historic quarter, Solar do Forçado, owner by a former bull wrestler and serving great grilled meats (skewers, including touro) in a charmingly rustic atmosphere with of course, bullfight posters and memorabilia. It’s a Bib Gourmand.
This area produces excellent wines.
I haven’t stayed at the Vila Gale Alter Real, but I have it on my list for our next Alentejo trip.

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Hi Maribel, if you go to Alter Real, request a room in the main building. The rooms in the “annex” are nice, but it is quite a way from the main building… Pateo Real in Alter do Chão (Chef Filipe Ramalho, ex from Torre da Palma) is well worth the visit. for traditional Alentejo food with a light, modern twist…

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