[Portsmouth, NH] The Goat

We’d not intended to have lunch here. We’d made our way up Congress Street having planned to eat at Flatbread Pizza but, whilst it said it was open on Saturday lunch, it didn’t appear to be. So, it was in to the Goat.

BBQ brisket sandwich was excellent – tasty bun, lots of meat mixed with a vinegary sauce. Side salad was great – leaf, red onion, carrot, etc – all very fresh and a nice crispness. And there’s dill pickle and a pickled green chilli pepper.

The brisket also came mixed through a vast bowl of mac and cheese. Actually not mac, but that big spiral pasta which really does a good job of holding a thick sauce. There was background tang from the BBQ meat that was an interesting and successful contrast to the comfort of the cheesy pasta.

We waddled away needing a bit of walk before a good lie down.


We will check this place out next year. You had me at brisket!

It’s more of a bar with food place, than restaurant. We walked past it one evening and it was packed with drinkers.

Huh. Good to know about The Goat. We are in Portsmouth several times a year and it’s always great to have more options.

Harters, I must say that I really appreciate the time and effort that you put into these reviews. I also appreciate that they aren’t all together in one post since you covered such a wide area. Both entertaining and informative, so thanks!


Many thanks for the comments, bear. Appreciation reciprocated.

Mrs H & I regard it as a single process - planning where to eat, the actual eating, the writing up of our experiences (mainly for our own memory but also to share with folk like HOs).