Portland, OR - Winter Trip Report

I really wish I had thought to look for a page here on HO before I took my first trip to Portland this month. Nonetheless, we had some good eats!

On the afternoon we arrived, we could walk our sorry tired selves to Dan and Louis Oyster Bar, the oldest family owned restaurant just down the way from Voodoo Donuts. Had the best clam chowder of our stay (oh how I wish I had seen the post on bone marrow clam chowder here though!) and some very well prepared fried seafood. We also had some heavenly half-shells. Of course we went to Voodoo on the way back.


We went to the gorge and looked for a restaurant with a view and found Riverside which had terrific views and surprisingly good food for a hotel restaurant. Housedmade blue cheese dressing on the wedge was delicious, as was the crab and shrimp sandwich.

We visited Huber’s, the oldest restaurant (although change of hands) in which we enjoyed the ambiance and the food and service was quite good.

We were recommended Jake’s Famous Crawfish and went despite misgivings about it’s current corporate ownership. I had a rather fantastic Crab Louis there.

East on the coast we stopped at a cafe in Seaside that was pretty bad. Enjoyed some wineries one day before heading back to Pok Pok, which was fun. The wings were not something I would order again given the periodic whiffs of decay, I guess from the fish sauce.

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Bessarabsky Market, Kyiv. Ukraine
Credit: Juan Antonio Segal, Flickr