Portland, OR: Recommendations for places near Portland State University?

Does anybody have recommendations for budget and medium-priced lunches and dinners that are walking-distance from Portland State University?

I don’t have any current recommendations but the light rail runs through the middle of the campus.

If you are there on a Wednesday, check out the farmer’s market for lunch. They set up near the museum (PAM). The main market is on Saturday closer to the school. I think it has opened for the season but you should double check.

The Saturday farmers market at PSU is open 8:30 to 2pm. Aside from a number of nice food trucks, it is well worth a visit for its own sake. A wide range of greens is now in, and asparagus should be offered very soon. This is one of the better open markets in the US.

As for restaurants, Rukdiew Cafe on Broadway is pretty good, Laotian/Thai with an interesting menu, e.g. a whole page of papaya salads. Moderately priced.


Thank you.

Thank you, although I will not be there on a Wednesday.

Ooh, Laotian food! And I will be there on a Saturday. Thank you so much for the recommendations.