[Portland, OR] Lardo

I went to the downtown Portland outpost of Lardo and had a very porky lunch. It’s a sandwich shop where you order at the counter and get a number. They also have a long beer list. I had the porchetta sandwich ($12) and a side of crispy pigs ears ($5).

Porchetta Sandwich ($12)
gremolata, caper mayo, arugula, parmesan

Very good sandwich. Porchetta is sliced medium with the crispy skin on the edge. Then I believe it is fried again as the tops and bottoms were crispy. Porky goodness. The top of the sandwich is topped with the pesto-like gremolata and arugula and the mayo was on the bottom side. Good ciabatta like bread that was soft and airy, with a little chew on the crust. Good ratio of filling to bread as well.

Crispy Pig’s Ears ($5)
fennel salt, Bee Local Hot Honey

The crispy pig’s ears were fantastic. Crispy outside and soft and a little gelatinous inside. Sprinkled with fennel salt. They were cooked with some deep fried sage and rosemary leaves that added some fragrance. Came with a little container of honey to dip in, which complemented it really well. I think they benefit from being eaten fresh out of the kitchen. They lost some of their crunchiness after sitting awhile.


Ahhh. Now this is more in my wheelhouse. I’m liking the look of that sandwich!

I was thinking of going to either Fire on the Mountain or Pok Pok for some wings.

Any more like Lardo you can suggest?

I’m a tourist to Portland so am not very familiar with the local food scene, but if you like pork sandwiches I had a good one on my last visit from Tábor (home of “The Original Schnitzelwich”), which is a food cart in downtown Portland.

A picture in here:

Pok Pok’s wings were very tasty. If you just want their wings, you can also get them at Whiskey Soda Lounge.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but Tabor is closing this summer after 13 years in business. While I did not like the food I had there it is sad to see a Portland institution wheeling off into the sunset.

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