Portland [OR] Chinese/ Japanese food

Any recommendations? Dimsum? Also sushi / omakase suggestions welcome. Thanks!

I have enjoyed dim sum at Wong Kings. It has been a few years. I hear that the Hong Kong cafe is better but have yet to try it. It looks like you might be from San Francisco in which case I do not think you will be impressed. Mr taster on foodtalkcentral might be able to help you. He just moved to Portland From LA (I think) and I am pretty sure he has been checking out the Chinese food scene here.


HK is good. Ocean City is good if you want more seafood. I had some good Chinese at China Delight near Beaverton, but you have to ask for the Chinese menu. Hunan lamb was outstanding, and they even had some hand pulled spicy noodles.

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I was in PDX for business in January and was really delighted with Bamboo Sushi. I went to the location on NE Alberta. Service was gracious and efficient and the food was inventive and delicious. Unfortunately since it was a month ago I don’t remember all the details, but the shishito peppers with miso, butter, and bonito were a favorite and the avocado nigiri with truffle salt was fun and the coconut panna cotta with grapefruit was a lovely refreshing end. I ate until I was stuffed without regard to price and was happy that such indulgence only cost $66 including gratuity. But I didn’t have any alcohol, so that always helps keep the check down.

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