Portland, Maine report

Belated report on weekend trip to Portland, Maine.

We started at Norimoto Bakery - this was absolutely outstanding. We got a rhubarb danish, almond cake, and one other thing that I can’t recall. Highly recommend and get there early!

Lunch was at Central Provisions, where the cauliflower was the biggest hit. Afternoon snack was at Mt. Desert Island Ice Cream - miso ice cream was good, not amazing. Dinner was at Leeward, which was outstanding -we got salads and all of their veggie pastas. Passed on dessert in favor of Gelato Fiasco, which was excellent as always.

Sunday morning breakfast was at Belleville Bakery, which was fantastic. I loved the almond croissant, morning bun, and cardamom bun. Lunch was at Honeypaw, where the napa cabbage salad was outstanding as always, and the soft serve is to die for. I wish that they had more veggie ramen dishes.

VERY successful trip! Can’t wait to go back.


Yum! Thanks for the delicious report!


Sally, thanks so much for a wonderful report! And I’m so glad your family had such a good trip.

Where did you stay? I ask because my family of 3 is rather desperate to get somewhere in Maine for 3 - 4 nights sooner rather than later. Also if you have suggestions for lodging further north on the coast in Maine.

If you would rather respond just to me, I think we have emailed privately in the past or I could send you my direct email address.

That soft serve at Honeypaw is indeed worth seeking out. There was an iteration maybe last summer with lavender and honeycomb that I’m now craving.


Central Provisions is a great lunch spot. When we went I had the chopped salad. All the veges were lightly pickled and the dressing was a homemade ranch. So good.


We at at Honeypaw during a rapidly intensifying nor’easter on Memorial Day weekend, 2021. Dining was still outside, we were windswept and frozen and it was STILL one of the best meals we had during a weekend of good eating! Would love to go back.


My friends and I stayed at the Blind Tiger. I thought that it was really nice but not sure it was worth it. But hotel prices in Portland are in general pretty high right now

I suggest the Boothbay Harbor & Peninsula. An hour North of Portland. Fisherman’s Wharf, Brown’s Inn., Flagship Inn, Tugboat Inn, many others.

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Thanks, Sally. I had heard of Blind Tiger and perhaps another newish boutique hotel in Portland. But we need a microwave and refrigerator so even the beautiful looking suite wouldn’t work for us, even if we could afford it! I’m glad you had such a good trip and happy birthday to your daughter!

Thanks, Wallace. I’ll check those out. Summer is passing away and we need to make our plans! Though we like fall/off season as well.

I suggest waiting until the off-season then for anywhere up to the mid-coast. The 8 weeks of July 4 thru Labor Day get too crowded plus the $100+ “surcharge” in room rates make it less attractive then.

We’ve waited so long already that planning for after Labor Day or in early October sounds good, knowing we have to check out what’s open restaurants and lodging after Labor Day. Thanks!

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You’d have to be driving really fast and avoid all traffic to do Portland to Boothbay in an hour. Not at all possible.