You already know!

I’m glad I went, but it wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be. Service was fine for the atmosphere, and I only tried the hot dog, but it was not the Chicago dog I remember. “Snap” was snappy, but the casing seemed too thick, and the “meat” was a little bland. I don’t mind bright green relish but this was leaning toward blue!

I guess this explains it;

Husband got the Italian beef .


Don’t forget this resource…


I really like the hot dogs, your photo made me want one and I just finished lunch. I thought the Polish was really good too, the fish sandwich = meh, and the beef was pretty good, but needed salt. Haven’t had any desserts there

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We’d vote for the late Hot Doug’s even years after its demise, taking away reason-to-live duck fat fries. Doug even replied to an e.mail whether BYOB was possible. Answer: “As long as you share with the owner . . .”

For the late night Jackie Mason-esque treatment and a darn tasty dog, it’s

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