Portable Chinese food from LA

With WeChat, those of us in Northern California occasionally have access to portable Chinese food from SoCal. These WeChat groups always claim to be selling ‘network hot’ stuff, i.e. food/ restaurants that are trending on the net, maybe Instagram.

I got access to a box of meat mooncake from Kang Kang Shau May. I didn’t bother heating it up in the oven. Started eating it at fridge temperature. The meatball was marinated ok, though it was fatty as I could feel I was chewing through the fat. Fatty meatball at 4C wasn’t the most attractive food so I heat it up in the microwave. Slightly better, though the meatball was still noticeably fatty in the mouth. So I would rate the mooncake as ok. This was the first time I ate mooncake with meatball, however. It felt like the interior of one of those Kang Kang shenjianbao shoved into some dimsum pastry crust.

Question for the group here, is Kang Kang Shau May meatball moon cake really trending down there? Or was that just marketing in the Wechat group?

Assuming we can convince the Wechat group admin to go get anything portable and Asian from Socal, what would you recommend?


That’s exactly what it is.

Shau May does not make mooncakes as a matter of course, or really ever. This is just their way to capitalize on the upcoming Mid-Autumn Moon Festival (9/21).


Wife shared similar sentiment about the mooncake after trying it. So I was told in the group where this was originally bought from, there were many messages of praise. And we didn’t quite understand. We shared them with someone who’s originally from Shanghai. And she said that it tasted just like how she remembered it when she’s small and was overjoyed.

So it looks like it appeals to populations from specific geographical regions.

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