[Port de Pollenca, Mallorca, Spain] Stay

Probably still the culinary “best” restaurant in the Port but it’s a pity they never seem to change their menu. Or have “specials”. It does mean that, once you been a few times over the years, there’s a bit of a tired feel to the food. But the kitchen remains good at its craft.

Starters were absolute simplicity and all the better for it. The house salad was a typical gigantic affair – leaves, tomato, onion, carrot, avocado, all perked up with a scattering of caperberries. The other was just fried artichokes, slices of garlic and parsley. Absolutely delicious in themselves and even better when drizzled with olive oil. Worth mentioning that the oil comes from a Pollensa finca which, reading the label, appears to be owned by a couple of Britons.

There’s fish for main courses. John Dory was perfectly cooked to the “just flaking” stage and was topped with long cooked onions which just added to the sweetness of the fish. Carbs came by way of new potatoes and there’s mixed veg as well. The veg were also on the other plate, along with dauphinoise spuds. The fish was sole “a la Romana” – fillets of the fish, deep fried in a light batter. Really good.

As often the case, desserts were disappointing. Hazelnut ice cream was encased in pastry in a sort of posh “arctic roll” way. The blobs of “green tea sauce” tasted of not very much and added nothing. Across the table, a warm apple and walnut strudel was OK and came with a welcome jug of cream.

A pleasant enough evening.

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