[Port de Pollenca, Mallorca, Spain] El Posito

We’ve long been fans of the bargain lunchtime “menu del dia” at Es Moli in Pollensa and, having heard that this was also one of El Posito’s strengths, we just had to go and try it.

Think of it as the Mallorcan equivalent of the British “greasy spoon”, the American diner or the routiers in France. Homestyle food served up in substantial portions for a mainly local customer base – principally it was blokes on their own getting a three courser in their lunch break. Wine, water, bread and olives is included in the €11 price and there’s three choices at each course.

To start, there was a broad bean and meat soup – the meat possibly veal. It’s really good – the sort of soup you’d love to have in the depths of winter. Tumbet was the usual mix of fried vegetables, topped with a fried egg. Looking round, it seemed a popular choice – and rightly so.

For mains, there was fish and chips – a fillet of sole, deepfried in a light tempura batter. Chips were OK – although we remembered them as better last year. And a small handful of salad addressed the “five a day”. I hadn’t fully understood the Spanish description of my dish – but I knew it was chicken and rice and that was good enough. In the event, it was a sort of Chinese style “chicken fried rice”. There’s a small mountain of food and they’re not skimping on the chicken. Really nice. I’d have been happy if I’d made this at home.

For dessert, we both went “pudding” – think a British bread & butter pudding, using a sweet bread and served cold. It’s good.

I was somewhat reluctant to post this review. You might all decide to go and try it. And, in that, there’s the danger it loses its character and becomes just another tourist restaurant. But, we’re amongst friends here – so keep it to yourself.

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