[Port de Pollenca, Mallorca, Spain] Ca'n Cuarassa

Like its sister restaurant, Stay, they aim to be a cut above the run of the mill tourist restaurants. And, generally speaking, they succeed.

There was a freebie chicken liver pate to go with the bread. And a second freebie in the form of a fish goujon, in the lightest of batters, with an almond sauce for dipping. We both ordered the same starter – frito marinera. It was good. The usual potato and pepper affair with the usual liver replaced with squid, octopus (a but chewy) and a couple of king prawns.

For mains, there was a plate of hake & clams in a “Basque sauce” – green and creamy is the best we can describe it. Came with rice and mixed veg – carrot, mushroom and broccoli. The other dish was a couple of slices of pork fillet – batted out till thin and then fried and served with the mixed veg and dauphinoise potato. There was another creamy sauce – this one spiked with green peppercorns which gave it a little background edge.

Desserts were underwhelming. One an inoffensive crema Catalana. The oher a rather gloopy lemon meringue pie, with orange sauce.

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