Pork ribs - your favorite recipes / preparations?

Usually means shoulder where I live in California as well. I’ve used them for single servings :blush:, since husband doesn’t like “fatty meat” :thinking:.

Most recently making Cochinita pibil in my Instant pot.


For me, I like a dry rub on ribs (there are so many options there) rather than a BBQ sauce. But if I have a BBQ sauce on ribs . . . I’m a fan of sweet and sticky (not crazy sweet of course but that style), which surprises me because I would have thought I would have preferred something more vinegar based - but I don’t.

You mentioned Korean style - that is one of my favorites too.

I use this recipe from Food and Wine (I think) - essentially put it all in a pot and heat it to combine everything and thicken a little. I usually do 4-6x this recipe for ribs but I cook a few racks, I think it was originally for 2-3 lbs of chicken wings to give you some idea of volume. And I can always find a use for leftover sauce . . . . .

3 garlic cloves minced
3 Tbls gochujang
1/2 tsp korean chili powder - gochugaru
2 Tbls soy sauce (sometimes I use dark soy for a little of that molasses flavor)
1/2 Tbls apple cider vinegar or rice vinegar
2 Tbls sugar
2 Tbls water
1 tsp sesame oil

Edit - just to add, this sauce is a bit of a mystery to me in that it seems good and spicy (which I love too) when eaten straight but looses a lot of that spice once it is on the ribs/wings. So for me, I have a note on the recipe to up the gochugaru.



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Got me thinking of ribs. . . . . mmmmm ribs . . . . .

So I was poking around Serious Eats a little (often my starting point for internet food ideas/recipes) and they have a bunch of ideas - I have had success with their recipes so if one sounds good and you try it please let me know! (don’t know if these links will copy and paste but they were at the bottom of the article linked too) they mention that many of these are for different rib cuts, so I’d stick with the cooking times/temp that make sense but you should be able to mix and match rubs/sauces regardless of cut.


I didn’t read all the rubs, but the KC one with celery salt and both white and brown sugar echoes one of the tricks I learned way back when.
Supposed to melt at different temps and helps with caramelization.


Via KC BBQ historian Ardie, a fruity glimpse of
Rib Heaven…

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Sounds like you have been “Rubbed the right way” Si??

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I’m a child of KC. We learn to love cue as soon as we can chew.


Rosedale bbq
From the year of my birth. I’ve eaten there forever, but they have a new building these days.


Marinated the ribs chinese-style.

Also found liquid smoke at my grocery store - who knew? (They knew :joy:)

Hickory and mesquite were the choices - quick google search said mesquite is “very strong” - start with hickory.

Smells like smoked salmon (so I know it’s going into my next home cured salmon).

Any tips on using liquid smoke here? In marinade? Brush on while broiling?


A little goes a long way. I use one capful in a salmon glaze recipe that makes about 3/4 cup.


I toss them in a slow cooker with bourbon BBQ sauce. No muss. No fuss. Ez pz.

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I took out a few bony pieces to test out. Cooked up beautifully, but… flavorless. What gives, I marinated them and everything :pensive:

On the +side, well glazed and slightly charred just from the toaster oven. There’s hope yet.

I might mix up a glaze and see if that helps the rest.


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No insult here …they don’t look the best, compared to your other posting, where in I usually say…damn…I have to make that…hope you know what I mean.

No they actually LOOKED good (to me :joy:) my pic was an afterthought and not “plated.”

I wish they had tasted as good as they actually looked :persevere:

The nice thing about food…“there is always next time!”


I wonder if we would have thought about it differently if we had thought shoulder vs ribs. I think I would.

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I haven’t made this recipe but her’s are usually quite good!


I should have circled back - with another day of marinating, these were dynamite!

They actually tasted like the char siu ribs from the divey place near me!

I did mix up a little glaze for broiling but at the end, but I’m not sure it was necessary - honey + hoisin + pom molasses + soy sauce.


Baby backs without a smoker or grill? Speechless I say; speechless. :joy: