Pork ribs - your favorite recipes / preparations?

Warm weather plus a rib craving… I buckled and bought some. They might end up as finger food for the GOT finale on Sunday…

Do you have a favorite recipe?

No grill, a grill pan or the broiler are my finishing options.

I’ve made a gochujang version before, I love chinese bbq but haven’t found a home version that compares, I just looked at the pok pok recipe and a braised vietnamese rib recipe from the NYT… analysis paralysis.


Are we talking REAL pork ribs or baby backs? I gotta have “real” ribs, but Saint Louis cut. Then a day or so with my favorite BBQ rub, then in my electric smoker at about 225 until “done”. I can no longer do the hard core smoker; how about you?

That last bit, “until done”, is the sticking point, I have the temp I want written somewhere, don’t recall, but it’s never convenient. And I’m still not sure it’s worth it when cooking for one. Once a year for my memorial day /birthday.

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Apartment living… no smoker, no bbq. I have a PC, a slow cooker, and an oven!

Country style ribs this time, but I’ll collect any rib recipes folks share for future reference.

PC=Pressure Cooker?


Would you have use for a stovetop smoker, or is it primarily a space issue?

Well without a smoker or grill, I would:

Cut the ribs between the bones into individual pieces and marinate them in a large bowl or ziplock with seasoning salt, lots of black pepper, garlic, (salt or powder are OK also), and a tblsp of corn or veg oil making sure all surfaces are coated. (The oil helps distribute the seasoning and crisp the meat.) Let marinate at least a couple of hours.)

Preheat oven to 450’.

Line a baking sheet with foil for ease of cleanup and then use a cooling rack and place the ribs bone side down and bake in the oven for 20 -25 minutes and flip the ribs to meat side down and cook another 20 or so.

Flip 'em back to meat side up and set oven to broil and cook briefly to crisp.

NOTE: I’ve never done this with whole ribs but it’s the basic method I use for cooking tablitas, which are cross cut ribs available at most markets here in Houston.

The tablitas are very versatile and you can season and finish lots of ways.

While slow smoking is preferable, I’m pretty sure it would work for whole ribs.

Good luck.

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I assume the Country Style ribs you purchased are already cut up.
In the winter time I have no barbecue, so I use the oven. Into a 225 degree oven low and slow for almost 3 hours, with a dry rub applied just before cooking. I guess you can marinade, but I find it really does not make too much of a difference if they are cooked low and slow. I have never used a slow cooker to make pork ribs, although I have used it for short ribs.
I like to use a dry rub consisting of kosher salt, turmeric, black pepper, paprika, Goya Adobo, and cinnamon. I start with a teaspoon of each, and that would be for about 3 lbs. of country ribs. I find the cinnamon does not do too much for the flavor, but for the 3 hours the house smells great!
They bake uncovered. At this point you can serve them, but when finished we Iike and use available off the shelf sauces and do make some of my own wet sauce.
For my own wet sauce which I consider more of a vinegar based wet sauce I am inclined to use Ketchup, honey, cayenne pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, Worcestershire , rice wine vinegar. Rice wine vinegar is somewhat softer than plain white vinegar, which is very common. (no smoke as I do not like it)
I am partial to the vinegar style thin sauces. Mrs. Ph likes her without any wet sauce, but the kids love the wet. I generally will make about 10 to 12 lbs. of ribs, two 5 to 6 lb. slabs when the kids come, and that would be for 10 of us.!

A package as I buy it of about 10 or 12lbs. of two slabs at a local market.


Phreddy these look like spare ribs which have been impossible for me to find recently. I only see baby backs, country and St. Louis … Where did you find these, TIA

They are just Spare Ribs…
I am in NYC and are carried in these cryovac packages in many local supermarkets.
In Brooklyn, Bronx or Queens… trade fair, food bazaar, western beef…


Never thought about it tbh! Between low & slow cooking in the oven and speed cooking / tenderizing in the PC, haven’t felt much of a hole. Slow cooker will probably go soon…

When I don’t have a smoker or my sous vide (I do like ribs done sous vide - lots of controversy there) I am also a fan of the low oven method. But I do them covered for about 1/2 the time and then uncovered for a while before finishing them off.

Similar to this recipe - and I am a fan of a little liquid smoke (not too much but a little) during the process to get a little smoke flavor into the ribs.


I like the low and slow method in the oven as well. I use a dry rub covered and a mustard bourbon wet sauce uncovered.

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Thx … used to get the swift brand from Costco , they stopped carrying them. I’ll let DH know the are available in Brooklyn, he can stop on the way home Yay!

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I’m assuming those are slabs with tips still attached? At least that’s what I’d call them.


Anybody tried these oven smoked ribs by NYT?

Ahh! I see someone slipped them in while I was searching. I was actually looking for the Serious Eats version.

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If the OP is from around here in the northeast, country style ribs are not ribs at all. They are cuts from the shoulder. They are easy to cook and forgiving. I’ll report back…at work.

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Food Bazaar is your best bet. On sale $1.99 per pound

Yep, nyc. There are bones, but they’re meaty.

I was actually wondering about different flavor profiles people enjoy for ribs, but the cooking methods discussion is educational!

I recently made country style ribs stove top. They were in the fridge uncovered with just salt and pepper on them overnight. They went into a pan with olive oil when they reached room temp. Without anything on them that could burn I was able to cook over high heat, any fat that didn’t render caramelized. I was going to add them to red sauce but towards the end of browning I decided to generously sprinkle with a dry rub … DH devoured them standing up over the stove … surprisingly delicious. I have made them in the oven dozens of times and they are always very good … these were better. EDIT: sorry just saw your post re cooking methods :upside_down_face: