Pork pies enter the Brexit debate


That sort of answers my question from the other thread.
It’ll be an amazing tangle of figuring out all the cascading effects.
Are they really a million times better than McD’s?

Only when not made well. A good 'un is far better than that.


Although not discussed in the article, there is a more serious side to the Melton Mowbray pork pie and Brexit. It is one of a number of products which, within the EU, has name protection. It has to be made in the geographical area and to certain standards. It’s a similar designation to, say, an AC wine from France or Parmesan. The legal staus protects high quality products from imitation. But, of course, that only applies to products being made in the EU. If the UK is outside the EU, the hard work that’s gone into getting the designation goes right down the toilet.


I’ve had pork pie. I can’t say if it was Melton Mowbray or not as I generally got them from a coach outside my workplace near Aldershot when I didn’t pack a lunch.

I certainly welcome UK foods to the US. I’m not sure pork pies would find a big market here, although I could be wrong. I certainly see pork pie as a market freezer case item as opposed to ‘eat-in’ anywhere. Now British cheddar would be an entirely different matter. grin

Taking up on the name protection point, I would hope that Mr. Johnson’s staff in working with Mr. Trump’s staff would provide protection (with inspections and certifications) for the phrase “genuine British pub.”

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Look out for this - https://www.fordfarm.com/coastal-cheddar/

At first it was more likely to be seen in the States, than across Britain.

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I will look. I expect I would have seen it if it was in our grocery although there is, my wife will tell you, a difference between “boy-looking” and “girl-looking.” I live in the culinary wasteland of Annapolis MD. Plebeians. There is a good cheese shop not far away and I’ll see what they can do for me. Thank you.

Pork pies have to compete with Hot Pockets (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hot_Pockets) - the competition is that they are cheap, and the form factor is perceived as unhealthy. It’s a marketing problem.

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My wife tells me that it is often the case that I look for something , not expecting to find it - and don’t find it. Even though it’s there - in the correct place.

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I have difficulty when producers change packaging. I can look right at the new and improved and just not see it at all.