Pork and broccoli rabe sandwich

Years ago, I was wandering the Italian Market area with somebody who knew Philly and when I asked about a steak sandwich, he told me “What you really want is a pork and broccoli rape sandwich.” I had one, it was fantastic, and then didn’t have one again for a decade.

These days, I find myself living in Lancaster County and ready to head to the big city and at least try a sandwich. What are they properly called and who’s got the one I should try first?

Pretty sure it’s broccoli “rabe”.


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Rapini = rabe. You probably should edit your post.

Anyway, this is an easy question. Go to: http://tommydinics.com/

Sorry, I used the Italian spelling - it’s the only one my wife permits.

No worries. I should’ve also mentioned this place: http://www.johnsroastpork.com/

Personally, I think it is superior, but they don’t use rabe, just regular spinach.

I don’t know. I think they are just called pork sandwich and then you ask to add broccoli rabe.

For what it worths, DiNic’s Pork + Broccoli Rabe sandwich is pretty famous. I like it.

The DiNic’s sandwich includes thin sliced pork, broccoli rabe, and extra-sharp provolone on a roll from Carangi’s. Then it gets a splash of gravy.

You actually have to ask to add the broccoli rabe (and others). It isn’t added automatically.

The great thing about DiNic’s is that it is located in Reading Terminal Market, so there are plenty things to do and see there.

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Yes, usually you can just ask for a Roast Pork sandwich, but they’re going to ask if you want “greens”, which often means you have a choice between spinach or rabe. Also you may be able to choose between mild and sharp prov.

One more choice of shops, for the trifecta: http://www.paesanosphillystyle.com/our-menu.html
They wont ask any questions, just order an Arista and enjoy.

Thanks for the explanation. I don’t think I have asked for mild vs sharp prov. I just said provolone. Good to know because I like sharp.

DiNic’s for sure. There’s another place in Reading (if that’s closer) little deli, can’t dredge up the name

In Reading, PA??

Tiny storefront, half hour out of our way on the way to a show, to shut a buddy up

Hmmm… I’m really familiar with Reading/Berks. Can’t say I’ve ever seen a Philly Roast Pork sammie in that area. It’s a totally different sandwich culture up that way. Very good, but quite different than Philly.

My favorite version in the city is the one at High Street on Market, the ingredients are just way better than anywhere else and the broccoli rabe is fermented a bit. Paesano’s in the Italian market makes my second-favorite sandwich. DiNics and John’s are OK too, definitely better than a cheesesteak but High Street and Paesano’s are better.

Can’t say I’ve had the roast pork at High Street, but I don’t think it’s a fair comparison. High Street is a legit table cloth restaurant. Their sandwich is $12, so realistically, you’re not getting our of their without dropping $20. Paesano’s, I’m in and out with my sandwich for all of $9.

There are no tablecloths at High Street. I see your point that it’s not as casual as a sandwich shop but the OP is someone who is considering visiting from pretty far away and IMO in that situation the answer to “which one should I try first” is High Street’s, it’s the best. It’s only $3 more than Paesano’s version, it’s not as huge as Paesano’s (or anyone else’s) but the High Street version tastes like they looked at every aspect of the bread, pork, rabe, provolone combination and went back to the drawing board on every individual component of the sandwich until they had made a real improvement on both the ingredients and the interaction between them.

That is a serious menu of sandwich power!

True, no table cloths. But that wasn’t really the point. High Street is a regular sit down establishment. You can only get the sandwich between 11:30-3:30.

It may be an outstanding sandwich, but it’s not a good comparison.

It may not be a fair comparison (in certain situation). Just like it may not be fair to compare a $8 ramen vs with a $20 ramen. That being said, the original post didn’t specific a price point and only stated that “who’s got the one I should try first”

It is great that you point out that High Street ones are more expensive. I think this is the kind of information useful for the original poster. Regardless, more information is better than less. if High Street is too expensive, then the original poster will ignore. If not, then it is an additional option.


I agree no harm in mentioning it. My point was it is just not representative of what people think when they say Roast Pork sandwich in Philly.

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A very good point indeed.

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