Porcelain (Ridgewood, Queens)

I took a field trip to Ridgewood to have brunch at Porcelain with five other people. It’s a short menu - six items - so we just ordered everything and shared it. Then we got seconds of the stuff we liked the best. The only thing off-limits to me was the mortadella, egg and cheese sandwich. Another in our party also doesn’t eat pork, and he asked the waitress whether it would be possible to do the sandwich meat-free. She said no. This is stupid. It was a very good meal anyway.


Sandwich I just got to look at. Supposedly it’s Alton Brown’s favorite. Consensus: Pretty good, not amazing.


Fish katsu. This was one of my favorites, basically fish sticks, tartar sauce, greens and rice. What’s not to like?


Korean breakfast. The menu says pickled fish and steamed egg, et al., but neither showed up. Still very nice, especially the mysterious white slabs. Silken tofu? Possibly.


Egg & shrimp. Gonna make this at home ASAP. I say this every time I get egg & shrimp, but this time I mean it.


Butter bean chopped salad. It was a little tough to distinguish one flavor from another (blame the chile sauce), with the exception of the peanuts, so this was more about texture. Sweetgreen oughta jump on this - people would go crazy for it.


Tomato noodles. I could’ve lived without this, since it was a bit too sweet, and the noodles were softer than I like them.

The room is really cool. Part of The Irishman was shot there, in case you can remember any individual scenes from that four-day-long movie.