Popular foods from 1953

In addition to Coronation Chicken, Chicken Tetrazzini.


Tater Tots were invented in 1953.

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Sorry. Rachel is wrong about the date for Chicken Kiev. We were served the industrial version in our Dorm Cafeteria on Sundays in 1968. I shudder to think how it was prepped.

I had fondue in Switzerland in 1965. My roommate was grazing on granola in 1968. Dunno. There are winners on that list; the dates are suspect😂


I reckon the Food in Britain article was an accurate reflection of my first three decades.

I chuckled at the opening paragraph where it suggests your mother would be the last person you’d name as a good cook. Mum was an awful cook - at least by modern standards. But she was a product of her times. She got married in 1948 and for the first several years was cooking meals still subject to wartime food rationing. I think it was 1954 (when I was 4) that the last rationing was lifted.


In our household in the late 50’s the rotation was: chicken alà king, stewed tomates, steak tartare, jellied spring vegetable salad, Joe’s Special and spaghetti with olive oil and garlic. Seasonally, cracked Dungeness if our dad brought some home from the ‘City’ on Fridays. We survived.

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Half my family lives in the Bay Area. It sounds like Spanish Rice was also popular back then. Lots of striped bass for dinner.

My mom made Spanish rice all the time. Never hear about it now.

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